Saturday, November 20, 2010

Perfect nightmare ! ;(

Entah kali ke berapa air mate ku jatuh untuk kau .
Entah kali ke berapa aku menangis untuk kau .
Entah kenapa aku teringat kat kau lagi .
Entah kenapa malam nh aku tak kuat .
Entah kenapa malam nh aku jatuh lagi .

Maybe salah aku tinggalkan die .
Maybe salah aku lepaskan die .
Maybe salah aku lupekan die .
Maybe salah aku menyayangi die .
Maybe salah aku atas semua yang terjadi .



This video I got from Kak farah , tgh buka FB trus nampak ini .

Suddenly I remember about something that I've left behind , But then I realised something ,

" To love someone is easy , but to forget its like crazy "

But Thank God I have you ,
. Muhammad Amirul Asri .

You are my eyes , my ear , my nose , my mouth , my hand , my leg , my stomach .
You are everything to me .
No one can change it .
Only you and me .
My one and only one Amirul Asri .