Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now I can smile ;D

Love Icons

i know you will come .
i know you will call me .
i know you will find me .
and now you were here again .

i'm so happy to hear your voice again .
i'm so happy to hear your laugh again .
i'm so happy !

you call me
"sayang" .
thats what i want to hear from you .
i feel like i'm in heaven .

i miss you so damn much .

At the end of our conversation, i can't believe when you say ..

Ouh damn ! Is that you ?
I'm sorry because i cannot answer it even you willing to wait for me to say the same thing .
But deep in my heart . I shout loudly that ..
p/s - You are my drugs, you are my heart, you my life. thanx to you mr.Stoner!