Monday, August 30, 2010

I miss you my BIG BROTHER !

Woaa ! Its been 3 months you left me right ? I always miss you . I always remember our moment together . I never get a chance to see . At the end of this year our 2 years anniversary . When can I see you ? This coming Raya you are not coming back . It means I will celebrate it alone again . You said you will coming on 22 November . I'm afraid we dont have a chance to meet . Because intake for poli is on November to . Can you take me to your place ? Can I go to sydney with you ? huhu .

I've told you about i'm quit from study right ? Thank God you were not so angry .

" dont tell me u missed me that bad sampai quit ur studies"

Btw , I never thought that you will remember our dreams . haha . that was so funny . Our dream is you want to take me to sydney in your bag , and stay together at your room . haha . is that so syang ? huhu . I'm gonna miss you damn much .

And now a few minutes ago we set up a new dream right . haha . we make desicion to stay together after you finish your study .

1. You need to buy a FOREST .
2. Build a big BANGLO.*maybe at damansara*
3. FAR from other people .
4. We need a BIG SWIMMING POOL outside and inside the house .*for us swimming together.
5. A BIG bedroom .
6. A DOUBLE KING SIZE of our katil .
7. Spend time 22HOURS a day .
8. SHOPPING one day after .

Haha . For no 7 , i'm asking you where another 2 hours ? Then you said "of course la we need to pray and makan kan" . Thank God . You never forget your prayer even you stay at other people country . Thats why I love you more .

"I miss the way we spent time together before.imy mona"

The person i'm talking here used to be like my BIG BROTHER laa . Now , he's not in Malaysia . He further study at University of New South Wales Sydney in course Bachelor of Commerce . His name ? Let it be secret .