Thursday, March 17, 2011

Asignment for BEL . ;)

In rough word beach is the zone above the water line at a shore of a body of water. But in my words, beach is one place where we can find peaceful. As we seen in this picture, a girl walks through the beach just to find peaceful in her heart. Beach with small part of sand, wide area, and watery places everywhere.  A girls wearing her red shawl walks through the beach with holding her slippers on her right side. She walks through the beach with one hope. We can see it on how she tries to make a step to move. Just hope that she can find her peaceful.
I've been asked to make an essay during my last class last week . We have been asked to make an essay about any pictures that we want . So I choose this picture . The girl in this picture was my sister. This photo has been taken by DON .

So thats all .

*credit to DON .