Friday, April 30, 2010

naa share laa :)

pers0n in blue baju kurung is my aunty . she's my fav0urite aunty . i call her "m.tam" . seri0usly she's like my sec0nd m0ther . why ? she t0ok a g0od care 0f me while i'm here . she als0 take a g0od care 0f my family n0w . she's the 0ne wh0 supp0rt me . in any c0nditi0ns . remember ! any c0nditi0ns ! i l0ve her s0o much . s0o much . with0ut her maybe i'm n0t in UiTM anym0re . with0ut her maybe i c0uld n0t further my c0urse . with0ut her maybe my sister c0uld n0t c0ntinue study . with0ut her maybe we cant g0 anywhere . there's a l0t 0f "with0ut her maybe .... " . sh0uld i say it ? let it be secret f0r my family .

she delievered me that ph0t0 s0 i can m0tivated myself . yes its true . and n0w i have m0tivated myself . i wanna be like her . can i ? she's a g0od m0ther . she's a g0od w0rker . she's a g0od daughter . she's a g0od wife . she's g0od in everything she d0ne . 0uhh g0d ! she's s0 perfect . i d0 l0ve her s0o much .

>>gambar tu mase die dpt Excellent Academic Achievement Award in Bank Negara . she had finished her master .