Thursday, April 15, 2010

i'm tired :(

wahh . s0o tired having life like this . here i want t0 share with all 0f y0u . i've g0t 0ne friend . she's deeply in l0ve with her b0yfriend . even her br0yfriend had d0ne bad thing t0wards her . but she d0nt want leave dat b0y . i d0nt kn0w wat s0o special ab0ut dat b0y . act i'm fed up ab0ut her . all 0f my night always hear she's crying .and n0w she's d0ing a bad thing . she ate all pill juz bc0z t0 let her free fr0m her pr0blem . is dat sucks ?! and s0o f0ol . i hate dat . but i have t0o face it . she's s0o stubborn . i'm sick 0f her . but i'm daa 0nly 0ne pers0n dat cl0se t0 her . hurrmm . i'm s0o lucky dat i d0nt have a b0yfriend . if n0t . i will be like her n0w maybe . seriusly , my mind full . arghh ! depressed .