Friday, January 8, 2010

serabot );

juz wanna say:

hey gurl! wat did u want act from me? if u want him can u say it?? then why u make up all da stories. he did not say anything to me. why would say it? did u just make a story so dat i will break with him? is dat wat u want? are u not happy seeing he happy wif me? then wat u want? could u juz tell me? dont make me miserable. if dont have pliz stay away from ma life. can u??!!

next for ma boy:

can u tell me da truth? wat is ur relation wih fafa? i'm hoping dat u were not lying. coz i hate it. why i keep asking dis question all da tyme?? bcoz i love u. i love u dear. pliz be honest wif me. nothing else i wanna ask. juz be honest! is not so difficult. if u do love fatin could u say it to me? then i will leave u. coz i'm not a type of person who like to disturb any others relationship. juz tell me da truth. then i will never ever disturb u after dat. never ever! if u do love me. pliz leave her. if i can be loyal at here. why dont u. i will do anything for u dear. anything dat i can do. juz i need u to be loyal and honest wif me. nothing else. if u keep running from answer this question i will leave u slowly without u noticed me. dats ma promis. plisz. i'm begging u. );

for ma soulmates:

NUR FAIQAH BT MISKAT. i really need u darl. really need u. it makes me tension. and miserable. are u wif me syg? i do really need u. yes i do! pliz come and help me. i dont know wat to do. only u can help me and understand ma situation. and only u know wat should i do. PLIZ HELP ME DEAR!