Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing is more valuable rather than FRIENDSHIP .

" never hate your friends , because someday they will be yourbestfriends ever "

What was that mean with those quote ? Btw , i made it by myself okay . Even i am not so intelligent , but I can make it . So every quotes that had been made have their own story right ? Same goes with me . Last thursday , my BEL lecture asked us to speak about any topics infront of our class . So based on that quotes I make a story . Its all about FRIENDSHIP .

Let me share it with you ,

Last 4 years ago, when I was in form 4, I've entered my new class at my new school. The environment is so different for me. But I have to face it . Because its my fault why I dont get straight A's for my PMR examination. So , to make it fast, I dont know there's one group of girls look at me with full of hated . I dont know why. What did I have done ? Ouhh my God ! That year has been a tough year for me .Thet hate me , so I hate them too . Haihhhh . But during my year of form 5 , I dont know how are they going to be my close friend. Maybe because we are in same group for our sports day . We work together, we support each other, and we feel tired together. deep in my heart said that, "Ouhh my, they have accept me." I was so happy that time . And we become more closer when I've entered UiTM first . We talked almost every day, we also text almost everyday. And I am not shy to say that I started to miss her . Looks like we lesbian partner right ? Haha . but the fact is, we are are NOT lesbian . Untill now we still do the things . And I am so happy being with them . They always be beside me when I'm needed . They were the one who always support me , they were the one who make me laugh , they were the one who make me calm when I'm in sad . All is THEM . So Nur Faiqah Miskat and Ella Syaziela Sabhan , thanks for everything . And I love you the most .  ♥
Hearts Them so much .  ♥