Wednesday, July 14, 2010

shame on me ;)

now i know ..
a SMALL friends will remain forever ..
a BIG friends will stay only for a while ..

here it goes .. for the first time in my life .. i cry infront of my classmates .. it is the worst one .. because everyone see it .. ouhh goshh ! but i dont care .. the most importang thing i've let out all the things inside my heart .. and now i feel calm and more refresh ..

so my advice here .. if you got a problem dont put it in your heart .. just let it out .. depends on you whether you want to share with your friends or just wrote down on a piece of paper .. and then throw it away ..

so a special thanks to ;

1. syauqie = because still let me use your ear .
2. nadia = for the hug .
3. farhana = for wipe my tears using your hands .
4. faizah = for holding my hands .
5. azli = for give me your opinion on how am i going to do it .
6. syira = for make me laugh .

and for the rest . thank you so much dear . I do love you guys . ;)