Monday, December 28, 2009

need sum0ne fr0m heaven. );

m0od : shaking.
listening t0 : ma heart.
acti0n : try t0 be str0ng.

0uh g0d. i'm shaking. c0uld n0t get thr0ugh wif dis. need someone from heaven myb. anyone. plish help me. siyesly i'm got jeles. but who knows && who cares. no one cares. no one knows. faeq dear. i know u wif me. but now siyesly i need u. i know u bz wif mms. i hope u feel wat i feel. nothing i can say than i luv him so mush. do want loose him. but i'm afraid gonna loose him while i'm study. dat gurl might be near for him. i'm not like dat gurl.
muhammad syazwan. i'm not like da other gurls dat can go out wif u. i'm not dat type dear. sowi.
if u think i cant b wif u all da tyme u can find other gurl. like fafa. she likes u. she wants u.
i l0ve you muhammad syazwan. truly from ma heart.
dat gurl post blog at her myspace. even she does not show to whom did she say. but i kno its for me.

macam cibet jek pempuan tohh .ta bole blahh . haha . tapy tape kott . i bukn ade dea sorangg . haiahh! tension aa plakk pasl laky nh . gyler2 jekk .somebody help me plzz ! i felt nothingg now . adoyy orangg tue . sayangg kart kau , kau pula cam bodo2 kann . lantak laa ann . GTH :p
theres another one :
and what was happen , tade kena mengena punn nan dea . i mean orangg laen jea kott . i ta kesa . and i just wana say that i love that guy soo much .ive been longer with him and i hope our relation more longerrrrrrrrrr ! i just wont lost him . what you wanasay , up to you kann . im soooo sad now . realy sad ):
i know its for me. sowi for u.
p/s- i'm crying. wat sh0uld i do. 0uh g0d. );